Overview of Satellite Internet

satellite-internetVarious internet services are now being offered to accommodate the demand of people over high speed internet access. One of them is the satellite internet that offers the ability to transmit data from a satellite dish to a geostationary satellite found 22,300 miles from the Earth.  Now, this article will give you a better background about this internet option so you can weigh its pros and cons to find out for yourself if it’s worth the try.

To sum up everything in a sentence, satellite internet is an excellent choice, although it’s a bit pricey. It’s best for people living among rural areas wherein cable modems and Digital Subscriber Line are not handy. A satellite connection can be used even in an area lacking with basic utilities because as long as there is a power supply that can generate the right amount of electricity to run a computer, then a satellite connection can be used.

Satellite Internet Connection

The satellite system is nothing messy because it resembles more like a cable modem connection. The satellite dish can be installed right ahead to every home without any hassle. So why should you use a satellite internet connection? People who can benefit most from such connection are those who live within an area wherein internet options like DSL and cable are missing. This is also a bonus for those with dialup connection and who would always complain of a very poor internet access.

Satellite Internet Speed

Satellite connection is way faster compared to a dialup although its speed and performance will still depend on the package that you get.  It is right however to expect that the speed can be 10 times faster compared to a dialup. Furthermore, the internet connection can handle high bandwidth usage so internet speed will not be disturbed even with lots of users sharing over a connection. Best of all, you do not need a phone line in order to use this service. Hence, while some users may complain that this internet connection tends to be pricier compared to the other options around, but you can see that its pros surely outweighs any cons.

There are certain rules to follow for a hassle-free use of a satellite connection. For one, it is important that the satellite dish would point towards the equator. See to it that there are no obstructions which can prevent you from getting an optimal internet experience. Have the satellite dish installed within an open area free from trees and other similar obstructions. Also, make sure that the internet equipment is always connected. You can use the internet anytime you like so long that the coaxial cables are plugged. Check the connection after storms since the cables sometimes get messed up.

Make sure that you comply with the restrictions in bandwidth that was enforced by your internet provider. There are some providers that can limit you with a certain amount of internet access for a certain period wherein if exceeded, it can lead to a temporary suspension or penalties. Now, you do not want to mess up with the terms and conditions of your service provider therefore it is a wise move to determine beforehand how you can use your internet the best way possible. And best of all, track all your data usages.

In case you like to set up your own satellite dish, check with your internet service provider if you are legally allowed to do such thing. There are some areas wherein the government can prohibit any unauthorized person from installing their own satellite equipment.  It should also be understood that since the satellite internet relies mostly on the communication from the skies then it is possible that it cannot function well during inclement weathers like a snow or rain storm. Now, if ever you live within an area where inclement weather is normal then you can first review your options with other internet service provider before going for a satellite connection.

The largest users of internet satellite are people living among rural areas who are wise enough to realize that they would rather deal with occasional outages than suffer a continuous slow internet offered by a dial-up connection.  It is also important to note that providers of this internet connection had improved their system so they can offer the best service possible even with a bad weather condition. So expect changes to happen in the coming years. Indeed, it is said that a satellite connection has a promising future and we can see that it is really something exceptional in terms of speed and reliability.